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    Expanding your awareness and teaching you to take your health
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    Are you chronically tired? Do you have high cholesterol or difficulty with weight loss? Whatever you’re struggling with, Dr. Ken is here to listen. There are no fees, and no hidden agendas. Just help where help is needed most.

    • Weightloss, Diabetes, High Cholesterol
    • Fertility, PCOS, Menopause, Low Testosterone
    • Hypothyroidism, Adrenal Fatigue, Leaky Gut
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    Dr. Ken Adams, M.D., D.D.S  

    Medical Authority

    Meet Dr. Ken Adams – functional medicine expert (GP), dental surgeon, and father of two. What makes him different? He listens. He spends time with his patients. He takes their complaints seriously and asks probing questions to get to the bottom of their health issues.

    “Too often, health complaints are dismissed as idiopathic,” says Dr. Ken, “which translates to ‘we don’t know, we don’t care.’ If you’ve felt dismissed, belittled, or like you simply can’t get straight answers, don’t give up. I’m here to guide and teach you to cure the underlying cause of your illness.”

    Professional Achievements

    40 years in practice. 2 doctorates. 12 patents
    What more do you want in a doctor?


    Dr. Ken has successfully treated thousands of patients who
    suffer from chronic ailments

    Weight Loss Explained

    Have you ever wondered why the modern body is so susceptible to weight gain, with even moderate carb intake? From Atkins to Keto, the DIY wellness scene is overrun with fad diets, delivering temporary results that leave our bodies more carb intolerant than ever. Dr. Ken Adams, a functional medicine expert of 40 years, goes beyond “carb slashing,” one-size-fits-all diets to examine the underlying metabolic principles that govern weight loss.


    This book will help readers:

    ● Expand their awareness about the core causes of weight gain
    ● Learn to optimize any diet by improving insulin sensitivity
    ● Detox the body of the harmful chemicals that result in carb intolerance
    ● Accelerate weight loss and keep it off — permanently!


    Whether you’re a carnivore or a vegan, Dr. Adams’ approach to weight loss will empower readers to reverse metabolic diseases that lead to obesity, infertility, heart disease, and cancer.

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    Thanks to Big Pharma’s stranglehold on medicine, you’re more likely to get bandaid solutions for your symptoms than good answers. Guided by Dr. Ken, our newsletter will help you to grasp the underlying causes of your health concerns.


    If you’ve struggled with any of these issues, and haven’t found solutions, Dr. Ken can help you to help yourself:

    • Weightloss - Did you know that weightloss reistance and carb intolerance are caused by Insulin Resistance? We’ll help you reverse it.
    • Infertility - Pre-menopause and PCOS in women. Andropause and low testerone in men. These fertility slayers are readily curable.
    • Low energy - Adrenal fatigue, anemia, and hypothyroidism are the silent energy suckers. We’ll help you optimize your organs to restore vitality.
    • Poor digestion - From Crohns and IBS to leaky gut and malabsoprtion, we’ve got your digestive tract on lock down. Absorb well, live well!
    • Autoimmune diseases - Whether you’ve got athritis or psoriasis, Dr. Ken can help you lower inflammation and prevent outbreaks. No pills required!
    • Anti-Aging - Treat your telemores to Dr. Ken’s revolutionary protocol for anti-aging. Stronger bones, thicker hair, and a firm physique are still possible!
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